Due to the financial impact of COVID-19, the preschool has closed.


September 16, 2020


Dear Emmanuel Parish and Preschool Families:


We write to update you on the status of the Preschool at Emmanuel. Earlier this summer we were approached by the Coos Bay School District (CBSD) with an offer to partner with us for a re-start of a Preschool. CBSD received “Preschool Promise” grant money to open a preschool facility in the community. “Preschool Promise” funds preschool programs for low-income families. We were delighted for this opportunity to restart a Preschool and especially for their mission through the “Preschool Promise” initiative.

Although we remain deeply saddened by the necessity for Emmanuel Preschool to permanently close due to the financial devastation of COVID-19, we are excited that the Coos Bay School District will be utilizing the space. The new Preschool is called: Little Pirates Preschool Promise and will open on October 19, 2020. Quality, affordable childcare is so desperately needed in our community and we are grateful to the Coos Bay School District to help meet that need!

The 501c3 non-profit status that was acquired to re-start Emmanuel Preschool remains intact, though its mission has shifted. The Board will work to organized volunteer projects that provide support to the families of the Little Pirates Preschool. These will include things like holiday celebrations, Parent’s Night Out, and other activities that build community.

At this time we acknowledge the loss of Emmanuel Preschool. We want to say thanks again to the parish for the generous love and support through the years. We want to say thanks to the families for the honor of caring for and teaching your children. The loss is real. And yet, we invite you all to rejoice with us as there is a resurrection on the horizon and it will be wondrous to behold.


In Christ’s glad service,


Rev. Patti Hale

Priest-in-Charge, Emmanuel Parish

For more information about Little Pirates Preschool Promise:


Telephone:  (541) 435- 7751

Email: screl@orcca.us

Address: 1855 Thomas Avenue

Coos Bay, OR 97420