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About us


Welcome to Emmanuel Episcopal Church. We are glad that you are visiting us today. It is not important if you are a member of an Episcopal Church. We are not concerned with how you voted, or how you look, or whether or not you are familiar with our liturgical style of worship. We are concerned that you know you are in a safe place with other people who are seeking to know God. Our doors are open to All.

Our vision as a congregation is to serve as a “light on the hill.”  Our church sits proudly on a hill above the town. 

Since the current building was built here in the early 1950s, we have strived to be an example to the community.  The church building itself, the style and architecture, is part of an aspirational vision.  Since the first construction, parishioners have added a copper covered steeple and beautiful stain glass windows.  The inside of the church reflects the hull of a ship symbolizing the togetherness of all inside the church.  We hope our presence and spirit will draw more to the church and our worship.

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