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All Saint's Columbarium


All Saints’ Columbarium located in Emmanuel’s Chapel, was established in November 1990 and is licensed by the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board (OSMCB).  The niches are designed to hold the cremains of departed members and families of Emmanuel Parish.


The Columbarium undergoes inspection and recertification by the OSMCB every two years.  This process was completed in 2021 – virtually, due to COVID – and resulted in certification through June 2023, with no deficiencies noted.


There are 192 niches in the Columbarium.  As of 12/31/22:

91 are inurned

43 are reserved

58 are available for purchase/reservation


The subscription fee per niche is $600, which includes:


Niche replacement                         $330

Operating cost                                  100

Name plate                                          20

Contribution*                                    150



*The contribution is deposited to the Emmanuel Trust Fund of the purchaser’s choice.  The Emmanuel Trust Funds are:

  • Buildings and Grounds

  • Music & Liturgy

  • Capital and New Construction

  • Outreach

  • Youth

  • Ordained Ministry

  • General Endowment


Persons interested in reserving a niche space may contact the church office/rector or Diana Wall (541-808-3898). 

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