Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. – Colossians 3:12

About Us


It is both a pleasure and a privilege to share with you the information about our church and the ministries that exist here. We hope that you find it useful. We want to thank you for your interest in Emmanuel Episcopal Church. We want you to know that our doors are open and that we are available. Should you have questions regarding the life of the church, we are here.

Should you have questions about your own spiritual pilgrimage, we are here.  It is our prayer you will find a spiritual home here at Emmanuel.  We hope you join us and your faith is able to take root.

God Bless, The People of Emmanuel

The Messenger June 2019

Senior Warden Update

Our annual “Honoring our Youth” and welcoming what passes for summer in Coos Bay was successful. There was a nice size crowd following the 10 o’clock service. We even had a few folks from the 8 o’clock
service show up. The hot dogs provided by the Tim Wall family and cooked on the grill by Jay Davidson (helped at one point by Chuck Wall) were delicious. We had lots of side dishes and once again, more yummy desserts than the crowd could eat. I’d like to thank Sue Wall and Diana Wall for the work they did in the kitchen. Payton Davidson, just off her knee surgery a few days ago, surprised a few of us “older folks” by being able to attend. Payton was excited to learn that the church is sponsoring her summer mission with the Oregon Episcopal Church to the southwest. All in all, it was a Wall to Wall effort!

Organist and Choir Director Search News

Our church and preschool administrator, Kerri, posted a job application on the internet job search site, recently. It looks like we got lucky! Within a few days we got back an application that looks extremely interesting. Carla and I met Friday afternoon and had a telephone interview with Kate Moody. Based on her interview and resume we have invited Kate to visit our church and check us out. She has family that recently moved to the Coquille area and is visiting them next week. On Friday she will meet with the choir and check the church organ. I am hopeful the next phase will go well, and we can hire a new organist and choir director.

Search Team Update

The search team meets this Wednesday to organize our strategies to interview for a priest-in-charge. The team agrees that we want to move forward to interview our candidate as quickly as we can. Jeff McKeown has agreed to be the chair of the search team. He brings a high level of professionalism and leadership skills to this important job with his background in financial management, working with people, former Mayor of Coos Bay, vestry experience and history with the church. I’m excited as we move forward.

Supply Priest Schedule for June:

June 2 – Rev. AJ Buckley
June 9 – Rev. Wes Sedlacek
June 16 – Rev. AJ Buckley
June 23 – Rev. AJ Buckley
June 30 – Morning Prayer

Preschool Graduation

I had a blast Thursday night watching the preschool “graduate” the older kids off to Kindergarten. There were a lot of excited kids and proud parents. Cathy Bishop was honored for 17 years of service to the preschool. She received a hand sewn quilt created from the handprints of her students. We all had a good laugh when Cathy saw the quilt and realized she had been tricked. The leaders of the plot told Cathy they needed her handprint for someone else! We will miss Cathy as the lead teacher for the preschool. She leaves big shoes to fill. Cathy was the original teacher of the Episcopal Church Preschool 17 years ago. What an amazing legacy!

Also recognized that evening was Hannah Hunt. Hannah is leaving as the preschool director and is off to new ventures and adventures. She has done an amazing job in re-visioning the preschool as a full-service school from newborns to 5 year olds. Her vision has enriched our entire community, not to mention the life and spirit it brings to our church and the growth of the children. We all wish her the best.

Pentecost Service on Sunday

“Pentecost is a Christian holy day that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit 40 days after Easter. Some Christian denominations consider it the birthday of the Christian church and celebrate it as such.”
– from Christianity For Dummies

I was curious why red was associated with Pentecost, so I did some Google research. And yes, you can find just about anything on Google. According to Wikipedia, “The main sign of Pentecost is the color red. It symbolizes joy and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Priests wear red vestments, and in modern times, the custom has extended to the lay people of the congregation wearing red clothing in celebration as well.”

If you want to learn more about Pentecost from the perspective of the Episcopal Church, check out the information on this webpage link:

Our priest for the Pentecost service is Rev. Wes Sedlacek. Wes is traveling here from Lebanon with his spouse the Rev. Carol Sedlacek. Wes is the Chaplin at Samaritan Albany General Hospital and Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital.

~David Laird, Senior Warden

New Vestry Member: Greetings Fellow Episcopalians!

I’m so thrilled to be in your fold. As one of your newest Vestry members, Dave Laird, our esteemed Senior Warden, has requested that I provide a more in depth profile to our parishioners.

So here goes…

I was born in Southern California during much simpler times of running barefoot and playing outdoors until the streetlights came on. I lived, worked, studied, and raised my son along the beautiful southern California coast. In 2000, I relocated to central Colorado in pursuit of a slower, cheaper, secluded, rural lifestyle. I worked from home in the technology field for many years, then pursued a career in real estate and eventually went to work for a local county assessor. I moved to Coos Bay in 2016 to be closer to family and now I work for the local assessor here in Coos County.

In my free time, I enjoy the company of my dog and cat. Truman is a seven-year-old min-pin mix. Ember is a seven-year-old tabby mix. They are best friends. I also have two extraordinary grandchildren, Eli and Jack, ages nine and seven respectively.

I’m an amateur gardener, chef, pianist, crafter, and kayaker. I love art and music. I volunteer at the Coos Art Museum once a month and look forward to helping out at the Egyptian Theatre in the near future. I love Mingus Park, the South Slough, and the Millicoma Marsh walking trails. I want to learn how to fish, crab, clam, and golf.

I’ve very new to Emmanuel and church in general. I wasn’t raised in any religion; however, as a child I tagged along with many friends and neighbors to their places of worship. Most were Catholic, one was a Mormon family. My brothers were raised, in part, in Episcopalian boy’s homes in Salina and Ellsworth, Kansas. I always knew Episcopalians to be a remarkably good and charitable lot.

After many years of seeking, I arrived at Emmanuel a year ago this past Good Friday in search of a safe place to practice faith. By “safe” I mean a place that welcomes skeptics like me and embraces all walks of life. I am excited to be a voice on the Vestry and appreciate the opportunity to further embrace the beauty of tradition and tenets of the church.

I look forward to inspiring and being inspired. Thank you for welcoming me! Sincerely, Susan Vineyard

Mother’s Tea, May 2019

Thank you to Judy Jensen, Virginia Roush, Alanna Johnson, Liz Cowden, Carla Courtney, Nancylee Stewart, and Terrye Laird for volunteering their time and gifts to the Mother’s Tea and making it one of the most memorable events this year for the kids and their moms!

Preschool Summer Camps are back!

We are incredibly excited for Emmanuel’s summer camps to begin again! The first day of camp is June 10th, and there are 11 week-long camps scheduled throughout the summer. We could really use your help with donations of the following supplies and non-perishable snacks to make this program successful again this year:

  • pretzels
  • crackers
  • canned black olives
  • dried fruit or vegetable sticks
  • cheerios or rice chex cereal
  • bottles of ranch dressing
  • raisins
  • 5 oz. dixie cups
  • 6” coated paper plates

We also need one gallon of 2% or whole milk every week. Please see Terrye Laird on Sundays at church to sign up to provide milk. Thank you for your support of our preschool summer camps!!

Coos Food Cupboard

With thanks to Pat Cross and Nat Jaeggli for their involvement in making this happen, the postal drive brought 5,250 pounds of canned goods to the Food Cupboard. This will help during the summer months when more families utilize the Food Cupboard because school is out, and those families do not have access to free or discounted school meals. Next month, we would appreciate having donations of toilet paper. Thank you!
~Brian Sullivan

Music Ministry Update

The choir season has come to an end. A thank you to Dan Powell, baritone, Nat Jaeggli, bass, Neville Cordell, bass, Liz Cowden, soprano, Kerry Oxford, soprano, Judy Jennings, alto, Sally Jaeggli, alto, Pam Chaney, alto and Susan Vineyard, alto.

It has been a varied year of music that included the Advent/Christmas concert in December. This was a first for Emmanuel and we so enjoyed preparing the music and performing under Tom Collins’ direction. We also sang “He Watching Over Israel”, a difficult Mendelssohn anthem, this Spring.

We all love singing to the Glory of God and are looking forward to the next chapter in the Choral Music Program.
~Carla Courtney, Organist/Choir Director